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Kentucky Tornado Disaster Relief

Hey Broadway Family,
Many have asked “How can we help?” in the relief efforts for Western Kentucky, the city of Mayfield and the other cities who were hit by the devastating tornadoes last weekend. The following is our suggestion for HOW you can help:
For many years, Broadway has partnered with a Christian organization called IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services). This Christian organization literally travels all over the world to help in relief efforts of natural disasters. Because we have been partners with them for many years, we know we can trust the money we send will go directly to the specific relief efforts in Mayfield and the other surrounding towns who were affected by the tornadoes.  We are asking you to give your gifts to them.

If you would like to DONATE, please make your checks out to BROADWAY CHRISTIAN CHURCH, and write DISASTER RELIEF in the memo portion of your check. Place your check in one of our giving boxes located in our Sanctuary/Worship Center or mail your check to the church at 187 N. Broadway, Lexington, Ky 40507.  We will write ONE BIG check to IDES from Broadway.

You can also make an online donation on our website or phone app by selecting the "DISASTER RELIEF" fund. You can donate now by visiting our website here.
Remember, in November we challenged you in our “Generosity Series” to try a habit of giving over the 4 weeks in December the money you would normally spend on a cup of coffee (or sweet tea), a meal out once a week, or money you would spend at the movies?  We ask that you repurpose that money and give it towards the relief efforts by donating that money to IDES.  
CHURCH FAMILY: Please keep in mind this relief effort will NOT be a sprint but a marathon. Just like when we helped in West Liberty, KY in 2012 when a tornado ravaged that city, the need will be ongoing for quite a while.  We will be organizing Work Teams of Volunteers to help in the relief effort in Mayfield on Jan. 2nd - 8th. Stay tuned for more details. Our goal is to schedule more of these relief effort trips throughout 2022. If you would be interested in being a part of these work trips in January, please email Craig Yates at cyates@broadwaychristian.com or call the church office at 859-252-5638.  
Thank you for your love and generosity during this dire time of need. Let’s lavishly love on Western Kentucky and the City of Mayfield!  
In Christ,

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