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We're Making a Switch!

Over the coming weeks, we are rolling out a new, integrated, seamless, and AWESOME giving platform on our app and website.

Please select the giving option that best matches your current method of giving:

Why are we switching platforms?


Giving through Subsplash Giving is more safe and secure than mailing your gifts. Not only is Subsplash certified for the highest encryption and security.

Technology Integration

By using Subsplash for our website, mobile app, and now, giving, we are able to provide a seamlessly integrated experience all while saving money.


Giving through the Subsplash platform is fast and easy!


By switching to Subsplash Giving, the church will be saving hundreds of dollars. Meaning we can allocate those costs to better serve our mission at Broadway.

I give periodically through Realm.

To give online through our website or app, simply go to the same places you would give before. You will see Subsplash Giving has replaced Realm on both our website and within the Broadway Christian Church app.

Through Subsplash Giving, you will still be able to give one-time gifts!

I have recurring gifts scheduled in Realm.

(Also called "Scheduled Gifts")

Follow these steps to stop your scheduled gifts through Realm and set up your recurring gifts in Subsplash Giving.

1. Sign into your Realm account using the link below.

2. Click "Giving" from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Click "Scheduled" as pictured below. Your recurring gift(s) will appear in the red outlined area.

4. Still on the same screen. You will see three grey dots (pictured below) next to the scheduled gift. Click on the three grey dots and select CANCEL.

5. You will be asked to confirm that you want to cancel this scheduled gift, click "CONFIRM."

You're Done!

Now you're ready to set up recurring gifts through Subsplash Giving. 

I give checks and/or cash.

I give in person.

The switch to  Subsplash Giving  will not impact the way you currently give.  You will still be able to drop your gift in the offering plate or deposit it in a Giving Box located as you exit the service.

Do you give the same amount each time? Consider setting up recurring gifts through Subsplash giving. Subsplash Giving makes it easy to securely give your desired amount and frequency straight from your debit card, credit card, or eCheck (ACH).

Our bookkeeper manually scans each check we receive. By giving through Subsplash Giving, you will be making her life easier too!

I mail in my gift.

The switch to  Subsplash Giving  will not impact the way you currently give.  You will still be able to mail in your gift.

Mailing a check in may be how you've given for most of your life. Please know that giving through Subsplash Giving is MORE SECURE than mailing in a check.

Checks are at risk now days. If your check doesn't make it to the church, your personal information may be at risk.

Consider giving eChecks through Subsplash giving. To give an eCheck, you will simply enter the information as it appears on your checks (bank routing number and your account number) instead of debit or credit card information.

How to Give with Subsplash Giving

Follow along with this video tutorial to see how to give online or on our mobile app! Pause and replay the video as many times as you need.

1. Enter the amount you would like to give by clicking on the $0 and typing in your gift amount.
2. Click on the "Choose a Fund" dropdown menu and select the fund you want to give to.
3. Select the frequency of your gift. You can choose to give one-time, weekly, monthly, every two weeks, or twice a month.
4. Click the orange "Next" button.
5. Create a Subsplash Giving account (or log in if you have already created an account).
Give Subsplash Giving a try here:

Still confused or need some help?

If you're lost about how to cancel your recurring gift in Realm or have questions about the new Subsplash Giving platform- we are here to help. You can the church office at (859) 252-5638 or email our Administrative Assistant (mdrummer@broadwaychristian.com).