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Men's Ministry

Ironman exists to reach out and challenge men to become the man God has called them to be. We want to take them on a journey of transformation by developing a strong relationship with God and connecting them with other men. It is our desire to support all men to empower them to be strong leaders in their church, home, marriage, work and community.

Men learn best in circles, not rows. That is why we have developed Ironman into an environment where you receive challenging, equipping Bible studies alongside other men who have the same desire and passion. Each session of Ironman starts with a hearty breakfast (sausage gravy, biscuits, hash browns, eggs and bacon) for a nominal fee of $6.00. After eating there is teaching time built around Biblical application followed by small group time that is guided by follow-up discussion questions to help unpack the teaching with the men at each table. This time is the most important because it is intentional in relationship building and to help men grow in their faith together.


Ironman meetings hosted are both in-person and online via Zoom. If you would like to join via Zoom, email Craig Yates for the meeting link.
Join us for a 13-week study over the book “Surviving in an Angry World” by Dr. David Jeremiah.

One thing the last year and a half has taught me: PEOPLE ARE ANGRY!

Whether its anger over social injustice, politics, or COVID-19, one things for sure, we saw people’s anger on display over the past year and a half. We are all witnesses: We saw it in the rioting. We saw it on the news. We heard it in political speech. We heard it on talk shows & podcasts. We felt it within our families. And, we even felt it within our Churches.

COVID-19 is not the only pandemic. The pandemic of anger has been affecting and infecting people for a lot longer than COVID-19. Anger is definitely contagious and has been wreaking havoc in our world ever since Cain killed Abel.

Because this is the world in which we live…because anger is a pandemic that can affect and infect every one of us…let’s put an end to it. Or, let’s at least take some steps to recognize its symptoms and deal with it when it flares up in our lives.

Join us at IRONMAN as we tackle this pandemic of an emotion called anger.

Ironman Meetings

Saturday mornings at 8:00am  in the Fellowship Hall

Meet the Team

Craig Yates

Preaching & Disciple Making Pastor
Preaching the Gospel message to others and pointing them to the ONE who loves them and wants a relationship with them is what I love the most about my job.

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