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Project Liberia

During a Sunday service, a humble gathering of 50 new Christians were huddled under one corner of the tarp due to buckets of rain pouring through tears in the tarp "ceiling".  The discouraged crowd broke out in jubilation when Pastor Stanley announced that God had provided a way to construct a church buidling!

And thus began the new church plant in Liberia.
Land was purchased and the construction of a building near Dorr Cooper, Nimba, Liberia is now complete. Fred Waggoner, a former elder at Broadway, worked alongside missionary Shonnie Wellspring, Pastor Stanley and the congregation of the new church plant.
The torrential downpours in Liberia had made Sunday worship a challenge for this new church plant that had been meeting under a tarp attached to sticks.  After a year of worshipping under the tarp, the young congregations is excited that they have a new church building.

With the new worship facility, attendance has been going up at an increasing rate. With the help of Fred’s teaching and encouragement from the Word of God they are deeply engaged in ongoing discipleship training.