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Pastors & Staff

Doug Piatt

Executive Minister

My Family:  I married my wife, Jane, on May 23, 1987.  We have two sons - Sean and Brandon.

Most memorable mission trip? My most memorable mission trip was in July of 1992 when I led a 2-week mission trip to Antigua, West Indies.  We planned and organized the trip almost a year in advance.  Our trip included rebuilding a church that had been destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 by day, and perform a VBS by night.  In November of 1991, Jane and I learned we would be expecting the birth of our firstborn and his due date was August 2nd which coincided within a 2-week timeframe of the mission trip.  I spent nearly $400 in phone card fees (iPhones were not yet a thing and international charges were astronomical) in order to communicate each day with Jane to keep her calm and me updated on the babies progress.  If she went into labor, the fastest flight home would be a 13-hour flight.  I could quite possibly miss the birth of my first child.  Thankfully and prayerfully, I arrived back home on July 29, we moved into a new home on August 2nd, and Sean Douglas Piatt was born on August 6, 1992.  Definitely a stressful yet memorable mission experience.

You might be surprised to know... I have been an NCCAA Div. II National Champion in 2 roles:  1988 NCCAA Div. II Men’s Basketball National Champion- Player; 1989 NCCAA Div. II Women’s Basketball National Champion – Coach.

Craig Yates

Preaching & Disciple Making Pastor

My Family: Catharine Yates (Spouse), Kayla  (oldest daughter), T.J. (son-in-law), Emercyn (granddaughter), Tate  (Grandson), Elijah (Grandson), and Evie Chinn (Granddaughter),  Anne Yates - (youngest daughter)

Any pets? No pets... just grandchildren... ha!

Who has influenced your career most?  Well, it has to start with my Dad & Mom. Most importantly, they laid a foundation of faith for me. They were faithful in teaching me about Jesus. They also taught me about right and wrong.

Next, would be my Uncle Mark. He is 7 years older than me but he influenced me in so many ways. He was like a big brother. He was the one who taught me to play tennis. My taste in music is attributed to Uncle Mark. He taught me how to have fun. One of the funniest guys I know.

My Coach in college, Dick Damron. My sophomore year of college I lost my Dad. Coach, even though he may not have realized it, was a pivotal person during this time.

And then finally, God has blessed me over the years with so many great friends I cannot list them all.  Each one has played their own special part in my life for a particular season of my life. I am truly grateful to each one.

Dr. Mark Deakins

Classic Service Worship Minister

My Family:  Sandra Deakins, my wife of 40 years is and always has been a part of the music ministry wherever I have served. She continues today as a member of the Broadway Choir. Our only child, Preston, lives in Spring Hill, TN with our daughter (in-law) Lauren and our grandson, Paul Mark Deakins.

Any pets? We have an Egyptian Mau cat named AKI (a key). He is a white cat with a black nose and one green and one blue eye. When he sees another animal in the yard his cry literally sounds like a baby is in the house.

Most memorable mission trip? My most memorable trip was conducting the KCU Concert Choir at the International Choral Festival  in Havana, Cuba in 2004. This was in that time when Americans were not permitted to travel to Cuba but were given permission by our government to represent the US in the festival. It was most memorable because during those 8 days I had never seen God work in such miraculous ways. These miracles were displayed to the Cuban people as well as to the choir. All these years later I can hardly speak of this event without tears of joy.

Hobbies or favorite pastimes? I love being outdoors working in the flowers gardens, mowing grass, and being in the pool!

Scott Ford

Contemporary Preaching & Outreach Pastor

My Family:  Addie (wife) and our kids: Joshua (Ally), Madeline, Baylee, Andrew, and Curtis.

Any pets? We have two dogs, a black lab named Rocko and a yorkie named Scout. We also have three sugar gliders: Glitch, Jade, and Finn.

Most memorable mission trip? My most memorable trip was with Hippo Valley Christian Mission in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Hobbies or favorite pastimes? I enjoy photography, kayaking, hiking, camping, sports, and Star Wars.

Personal Motto or Catchphrase: You can't do anything to make God love you any more... you can't do anything to make God love you any less.  God just loves you.

Favorite Bible Verse: Micah 6:8 "... act justly,  love mercy, and walk humbly with your God."

Logan Spears

Contemporary Worship Director

Favorite thing you get to do or witness with your job? I remember the worship that filled the room as I walked in churches for the first time. I remember the worship that played at loved one’s funerals. I remember singing as a Hospice volunteer and watching lifeless people find their personality again. I remember the worship songs that played while I’ve held hurting friends and I remember the times when those same words have held me up. Worship has been incredibly meaningful and memorable in my life and I love sharing that with others.

Secret talent? I often scare myself with how quickly I can buy and flip used items. I can also whistletone and circular breathe.

Hobbies or favorite pastimes?  I try to be a voracious reader.  I have a secondary kindle in case my other one dies!

Marsha Drummer

Children's Minister

My Family: Rick & I have been married almost 48 years and God blessed us with 3 wonderful children (Erika, Kyle (with Jesus) and Ryan).  In turn, Erika & Kyle blessed us with 3 beautiful exceptional grandchildren (of course, every grandparent thinks this but mine really are)!

Most memorable mission trip? Mexico- On this trip, we built a part of a small church and being a Children's Minister at the time, we did a Vacation Bible School for the poorest area there. The excitement and appreciation they showed for just the smallest things we did or gave was so humbling!  Our team was more blessed by them than vice versa.

You'd be surprised to know... I have a 15 " steel rod in my back.

Hobbies or favorite pastimes? Being with my grandchildren & family, gardening, reading, crafting, and learning new things

David Congleton

A/V Technician

My Family:  Jennifer - Wife, Savannah - Daughter, Jacob - Son

Hobbies or favorite pastimes? Being with family, UK Football and Basketball, going to Keeneland.

Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:13 "For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength."

Favorite thing you get to do or witness with your job?  Seeing people being able to worship freely and openly. When people are excited about worship it makes my job so fun.

Personal motto or catchphrase? "Love Everybody"

Jessica Piatt

Media Arts Director

My Family: My husband, Sean, and I got married in 2019. Of course, I can't leave out our 4 fur babies- yes, I said four!

Hobbies or favorite pastimes? I love to be outdoors! Whether that time is spent gardening, going on walks, reading a book, or on the back of a horse- I'm in my happy place. I also love to fuel my creativity by doing just about anything that could be considered "creative."

Favorite Bible Verse: "Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light." (Micah 7:8)

Any Pets? I LOVE my fur babies (and I'm likely to love yours too)! If you include the horses that live at my parent's farm, I have 4 horses, 1 dog, and 3 cats.

You'd be surprised to know... I was in the University of Kentucky Wildcat Marching Band! I marched piccolo for 2 years and was Drum Major for another 2 years. Go Cats!